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"As an Event & Media company, it can become overwhelming to keep up with all of the various communication platforms and the subsequent incoming messages. We hired Clare to help us "Master the Messenger" so that our team could focus on larger projects vs. managing their inbox. Clare's presentation was informative, interactive and fun - and it contained tips relevant for new interns and senior management. The team is already requesting we hire her again! And we will.

Kim Wolfe, Women of Influence


space planning

"Clare was exceptionally tuned in to the needs and wants of our growing company as she assisted in planning for our office move. She provided practical solutions with a keen sense of design and efficiency in setting up our new STAR Company office. Funky, stylish and functional...thanks Clare, for your keen eye and fantastically personable service."

Cheryl Bouzide-McKee, Star Company


office ergonomics

"I was able to get so much more work done after my ergonomic assessment. My neck had been really sore from working with my computer and all it took was raising the computer screen to the correct height to fix the problem. Also, having my files and office supplies in the right places means I don't waste time looking for things. My desk is now a great place to work."

Jennifer Richards, Etobicoke

office organization

“I have a successful, home-based business - as I have grown the business, I have become more and more disorganized! Clare stepped in and helped me create some “systems” that work – I now can find what I need, when I want it. She also took the time to understand the nature of my business so that she could suggest some time-saving techniques that I have implemented with success. Clare even helped me find the best furniture for my office that is in keeping with the style of my home! I highly recommend Clare’s services and I will be using her services again."

Camille Lawson, Toronto

"With considerable growth and increasing complexity in my business, I needed to get a handle on my filing system, and as a solo entrepreneur, I needed help. In a few hours, Clare helped me clarify what files are important to keep and then established a filing system that reflects and supports where my business is today. There was much cleaning out as we set up the new filing structure. Now files are colour coded and aligned by client and project type which means I can find what I need quickly, saving me valuable time."

Joanne McLean, Mississauga

information management

“Canadian Women's Foundation, though a small non-profit organization, had challenges in record management similar to those found in large organizations. Clare was thorough in working to understand our needs as she helped us develop and implement a customized record management system."   

Teresa Lo, Canadian Women's Foundation

time management and goal setting

"Event management requires superior organizational skills. And in today's business environment, we're asking hard working employees to take on more. I hired Streamlife to strengthen a star performer's time management skills. After a 4 hour session there was clear improvement; less stress, more control, more confidence and as a result, increased productivity. Hooray!"

Carolyn Lawrence, President, Women of Influence Inc.


"I attended a Streamlife seminar on home office organization and was very impressed by the informative and engaging presentation. Clare is a talented presenter who shares her organizing experience with humour and sensitivity. Clare clearly identifies the issues and consequences of being disorganized and proposes actionable solutions. Even if you consider yourself well-organized, you may be surprised to learn some new tips and tricks. Time spent with Clare from Streamlife is time very well spent!"

Tina Haessler, Property Stylist and Principal, bloom home staging & redesign

"Thanks for the informative and engaging presentation "Making Your Office Work for You". Clare an exceptional speaker. I left feeling both inspired and proud for being more organized than I give myself credit for. Half the battle is in not beating myself up for not being 'there' yet, so thank you for that too."

Kelly Margani, Principal, Kelly Margani Interiors

"Clare's presentation on establishing a home office was an inspiring and helpful overview of how to get and stay organized.  Clare exemplifies what she does- I would recommend her!"

Andrea Griggs, President, Catalyst Communication Inc

“Clare helped me reshape my to-do list and link it to my calendar. I feel so much more in control of my schedule!! Thank you Clare”

Erin Billowits, Vintage Fitness   


residential organizing

"Clare and her team are very professional, pleasant and easy to work with. Clare has good ideas about how to make the most efficient use of space.  

Victoria Jones, North York

Streamlife streams the clutter right out of your life. We have 2 girls and live in a 2 bedroom condo, and were feeling like the walls were closing in! Right from the first contact with Clare at Streamlife, she started to give us the most useful suggestions about how to re-visualize our space. She came into our home and went through all of our concerns in each room, never rushing us, always conscious of our wants, and never pushing plans on us.  Clare has an amazing wealth of organizing knowledge and her enthusiasm is catching!  After she left, we saw the potential of our space and we felt relieved!  If you are in our position or even just need a tweak or a new perspective, we highly recommend getting in touch with Streamlife - you won't regret it!

Jen Graham, Toronto


I found Clare very easy to work with and a tremendous help. After organizing my clothes -  folding them differently and putting them in containers in my drawers, it was a snap to pack to go to the cottage.   I kept my clothes folded in the suitcase the same way so it was simply a matter of transferring them from drawer to suitcase and back again - so even coming back and unpacking was ideal as well. 

Betty Lou Reynolds, Mississauga


“Clare helped me edit and organize my bedroom in a non-judgmental and humorous manner. With her guidance, I have a place for everything so I can find my stuff and even more importantly, I can even use it and put it back on my own in such a way that I can still find my things months after she came.”

Tania Kroman, Toronto

“My mum knows how to put things away in the right place. If you can’t find something, call her.”

Benjamin, age 7

“You can do things more faster if you can find things easily. If you do things more faster, you can get more things done in a day.”

Sofia, age 5

time management and personal goal setting

After working with Clare I realized it was the little, seemingly insignificant choices I made every day that were causing my life to overwhelm me.  It wasn’t my job or my kids or my beliefs that were causing me to feel out of control; it was not making thoughtful choices about how to spend, and in my case, give away my time. 
Now, before I say “yes”, I think twice.

Kathleen, Toronto

move organizing

"Streamlife helped to organize and pack boxes for a recent move to England for my family of four.  When the boxes were delivered in the UK they were so well organized that it took no time to get set up, and with the beautifully organized toy box the kids thought it was Christmas!"

Erin Billowits, Toronto

"I moved into a new apartment and Clare worked side-by-side with me to get me settled.  She not only worked hard to put things in place but gave me new ideas on how to organize and store certain items.  I was thrilled with just how much was accomplished in one day.”

Pascale Guillon, Montreal


"Clare did a fabulous job presenting.  She inspired the audience to think of organizing in a new light, as a science that requires focus.  People think organization 'should' be easy - that you're either organize, or your not.  Instead, Clare taught that being organized comes with practice, and just as with anything else, a PLAN needs to be in place for success!  People left energized with ideas they could take home right away."

Cristina Fernandes, RD, PHEc., CDE, VP Professional Development and Conference Committee, Ontario Home Economics Association


"I'm going home to organizing my closet!"

Marissa Catena, Toronto


"Rubbermaid containers and drawer organizers! I'm going to go out and buy them today! Thank you!

Michelle Hillier, Toronto

"Great advice on the hangers and Tupperware storage - my two biggest nightmares!"

Sarah Brennan-Peeters, Toronto


"Reassurance that I will get peace of mind if my home is organized."

Tania Gelling, Toronto



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