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Fold, file, and find your clothes fast with Pliio Clothing Filers.  Never refold again!

  • Fold clothing and accessories fast
  • File so you can find them
  • Maximize your storage and packing space
Here's a before and after photo showing what Pliio can do:

Clare co-created the Pliio® Clothing Filer™ to end closet chaos and help you love your closet again.  Visit for retail information.

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Pliio Clothing Filers

Maximize space in your 6" or greater drawer, organizing box or suitcase by using Pliio Clothing Filers to fold and file your clothes. You'll see everything you own making it easy to find what you need, and you'll feel in control every morning.  Clothing Filers come in two sizes - a 5" width and an 8" width.  The large 10" width is not yet in production.

Pliio Clothing Pilers

Designed to eliminate messy piles of clothes on shelves, Pliio Clothing Pilers are perfect for sweaters, long sleeve knits. They're also great for jeans or dresses you might want to store flat. They currently come in one width - medium - 8". 

Pliio Organizing Boxes - Each box fits 6-12 Pliio Clothing Filers depending upon what you are folding.  Boxes make it easy to use Pliio Clothing Filers on shelves and in storage bins.  They are also ideal for carrying Pliio Clothing Filers to the laundry room or wherever you like to fold.


    Phone 647.444.3535
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