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Organizing Products

Here are some examples of our favourite organizing tools. Because store inventory is always changing and items might not be available in your area, the images below serve as examples only. Contact us if you’d like to know more.


office organizing


Action File
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file boxes and folders

Who says filing can’t be fun?  Choose file boxes and folders that are both functional and pleasing to the eye.
Pencil cups
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desktop storage

Choose desk accessories to keep supplies handy and put a smile on your face.
Photo Boxes
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photo boxes 

Use photo boxes to group photos into manageable amounts for later sorting or viewing.

Office Storage
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labelled boxes

Storing office and craft supplies in labelled boxes facilitates easy retrieval and quick clean up.

daily rituals

Vitamin Holder
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vitamin holder 

Taking vitamins just got easier.  Label a clear box with multiple compartments, one for each vitamin you take in the morning.  Gain time by not having to open each bottle.

Pocket Organizer
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pocket organizer

Pop this pocket organizer in your purse and you won’t forget valuable coupons and gift cards. You’ll also have a place to temporarily store receipts and contact information.
Receipt Holder
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receipt organizer

Make filing household receipts quick and easy with a recipe box and dividers. 

storage staples

Laundry Room
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clear shoe boxes

Clear shoe boxes are for more than just shoes.  Choose boxes that are stackable and fit inside each other when not in use.  Use them for toiletries, shoe care and craft supplies.
Small Basket
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small baskets

Use small baskets inside all kinds of drawers to tame small items. Great for desks, bathrooms, kitchens and kid’s dressers.

Spice bottle
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spice bottles

Spice bottles are of course great for spices, but also for small items that could get lost in your tool box or sewing basket.

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