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what to look for when hiring an organizer

Working with a Professional Organizer is one of the most intimate services you will invest in, so it makes sense to spend some time selecting with whom you choose to work.  Arrange a discussion by phone or email to find out more about the organizer in question. 

Ask questions such as:

  • How long have you been organizing?
  • Have you worked on a similar project?
  • Do you carry insurance?
  • How do you charge for your services?
  • Do you work alone or as a team?

It’s a two-way conversation for both of you to determine if you are a good fit to work together.  Be prepared to share details about your situation, including:

  • What budget you have in mind
  • When you’d like to begin working together and any deadlines for the project
  • Whether you smoke or have pets
  • Special situations that the organizer should be aware of such as physical challenges, illness etc.
  • Where you live
  • Directions and parking instructions

When interviewing potential organizers, be sure you feel comfortable with the person you’re working with. A sign of a good organizer will be one who asks questions to better understand your situation, and who listens attentively to your answers. After all, you’re investing in a customized solution that has to work for you.

Seek an organizer who belongs to Professional Organizers in Canada. All members adhere to a specific code of ethics.

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what to expect when working with streamlife


  • to be listened to and heard
  • to be treated respectfully
  • to make progress at the right pace for you
  • to feel motivated
  • and believe it or not, expect to have fun!

Streamlife works flexibly with you.  Most often, we work hands-on to tackle organizing projects side-by-side with our clients. If you’d like to do the work yourself but need guidance to get going, Streamlife can provide consultative services to help you decide where to start and what steps to take to achieve your objectives. The choice is yours.

It is our goal to help realize your organizing objectives and at the same time develop your organizing skills.  At any time you can let Streamlife organizers know that you’re ready tackle something on your own.  We’ll be there to support you.

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hours of operation

Services are generally provided during normal business hours - Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. If your require service during other periods, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Organizing sessions are booked at a minimum of three hours in length. 

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Streamlife organizers are bonded and insured.

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code of ethics

As members of Professional Organizers in Canada, Streamlife organizers adhere to the following code of conduct pertaining to our client relationships. We will:

  • respect the confidential nature of the client's information, and use proprietary client information only with the client's permission.
  • have empathy for the client and the assignment by practising positive interpersonal and communication skills.
  • provide truthful and accurate information with respect to professional performance of duties and completion of contracts. When unable or unqualified to fulfill requests for services, we will make every effort to recommend the service of other qualified organizers and/or other qualified professionals.
  • maintain an objective manner to promote and encourage the highest level of conduct and ethics within the organizing profession.
For more information and the complete code of ethics, see Professional Organizers in Canada’s website.

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