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A Streamlife Organizer can provide expert advice so you'll have a strategy, know exactly where to start and what to do, or if you'd rather be more hands-off, we can take care of implementation with your minimal involvement.

Have questions? Email us or call 647-444-3535 to schedule your complimentary phone consultation or if you're ready to purchase, simply select from the options below. 

our methodology - the "4 Step P.L.A.N. to Get Organized"

Create a vision for each space to serve as your guide through the rest of the organizing process. Identify the purpose of each space and how you want it to feel. If your calendar is feeling cluttered, the same approach can be used to create space in your schedule for what's really important.

Decide on which items serve your life now and get help to let go of those you don’t have space or time for.  Feel more at peace and in control. If you are down-sizing, consider this service a few months in advance of your move to allow time to make decisions and find appropriate homes for items that don't belong.

Invest in the right storage solutions to keep your possessions accessible and well-preserved. We design closet and storage solutions for any budget.  Plan your time adeptly so you maintain your energy and flow smoothly through your week.

Develop regular habits to keep your home and schedule running efficiently.  Book regular sessions to keep you on track. Available in person or by phone.

See the video below for even more on our approach.

step one - Organizing Strategy Session

In this key step we work to understand your space, priorities and preferences, volume of possessions, speed of decision making and level of involvement. This is critical to making sure our recommendations will work for you for the long term. We generously share organizing strategies, tactics and product recommendations. Be sure to have a notebook handy!

At the end of the session you'll know exactly where to start, though you may choose to have us coordinate all or part of the project. We can give you an idea of the steps needed to complete the project and an estimate (not a guarantee due to the number of variables), of how long it might take. 

The Organizing Strategy Session can be delivered in person or virtually. Includes up to 3 hours of custom consultation. Additional time billed accordingly. Applicable taxes extra.
Contact us to reserve your organizer.  
We'll send you our Service Agreement and a Questionnaire to get you started.

step two - Organizing Implementation Session(s)

Following an Organizing Strategy Session, we can work with you or independently to execute the project. Each Implementation Session includes up to 3 hours of sourcing, design, project management and implementation services.  In-person sessions are 3 hours. Virtual services are delivered in 60 minute sessions using phone and/or internet communications. Applicable taxes extra.
We serve most major cities in Canada in person, and anywhere virtually. If you are not sure if you are in our in person service areas, or have any other questions or to work with Clare directly, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

more on the "4 Step P.L.A.N. to Get Organized"

Click on this video to 'meet' Clare and learn more about the Streamlife approach.  

Other ways to get more organized...

Pliio® wardrobe management service 

Using the patented Pliio® Clothing Management System, including Clothing Filers, Clothing Pilers/Stackers and Organizing Boxes, let us arrange your folded clothes once and for all.  Pliio helps you easily fold clothing, then file it in drawers or boxes or place it on shelves. It makes it easier than ever to access your clothing.  And the best part - you never have to refold a messy pile ever again.  To leran more about Pliio products, visit

process improvement 

Do you wish you had more time in a day?  Simply by looking at how you accomplish routine tasks, you can add hours back into your week. We'll look at how you tackle a variety of home activities including laundry, meal preparation, and even getting out the door each morning, and make valuable time-saving recommendations.

space planning and design

Is your space simply not working for you? Redefine your living and storage spaces to support what you want to do in a space. Your professional organizer will help identify the appropriate number of activities that can occur in a given space and how best to accommodate them with furniture and storage solutions that suit your style.  Simple sketches included. Detailed drawings available.

move organizing

Are you stressing about an upcoming move? There's a lot to coordinate! If you're feeling overwhelmed at the prospect, we'll help you plan so you feel in control of all the 'moving' pieces.  We can be the extra set of hands you need when packing or settling in.  Imagine having your house feel like a fully-functioning home within hours after moving in.


home staging

We specializing in making your home appealing to buyers by making the most of what you already have, and helping you pare down so you're not storing or moving things you won't need in your new space.  Apply the 4 step P.L.A.N. to Get Organized with your ideal buyer in mind.

Lifetime Management™ coaching 

Make sure you are spending your most precious resource in ways that reflect your true priorities. Clare Kumar is a Certified Executive Coach and Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.  You'll be in motivating yet supportive hands when working on establishing and working towards your goals.

home 'ergonomics'

Avoid getting hurt at home.  Evaluating the way we live, work and sleep in our homes can uncover preventable sources of pain and discomfort. We'll take a good look at your space and the way in which you accomplish tasks to help you avoid injury and improve comfort.

organizing talks

We are available for engaging and interactive speaking opportunities. Topics in include: Getting Organized at Home: The Source of a Smooth Day, The Cost of Clutter, Effective Home Ergonomics, and more.  Custom presentations available upon request.

Contact us today. Invest in your quality of life.

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Here's what people are saying about us...


In a story for the Toronto Star, Clare visited three families in April to makeover a front hall closet, home office and bedroom closet. Eight months later, the Toronto Star went back to visit the three families and found things were still in great order!

"The redesign actually made it easier to put things away. I tidied up the linen closet, sink cupboards and basement storage area. It was productive on many levels."

Anne-Marie Olczak, Toronto

The desk that hadn't been used in six years is still neat, and the bedroom closet...?  

"We've stayed 99.5 percent the way she left it."  

Gail Osaduke, Toronto



"Clare helped me edit and organize my bedroom in a non-judgmental and humourous manner.  With her guidance, I have a place for everything so I can find my stuff and even more importantly, I can even use it and put it back on my own in such a way that I can STILL find my things month after she came."  

Tania Kroman, Toronto

"I moved into a new apartment and Clare worked side-by-side with me to get me settled.  She not only worked hard to put things in place but gave me new ideas on how to organize and store certain items. I was thrilled with just how much was accomplished in one day. With organizing help, I was able to get back to normal life much faster.”

Pascale Guillon, Montreal

"After working with Clare I realized it was the little, seemingly insignificant choices I made every day that were causing my life to overwhelm me. It wasn't my job or my kids or my beliefs that were causing me to feel out of control; it was not making throughful choices about how to spend and in my case, give away my time.

Now, before I say “yes”, I think twice.

Kathleen, Toronto

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