I hope you found ways to feel revitalized over the summer and ready to jump into the last four months of 2018. If you’re like me, starting the month with a long weekend can give you a feeling of time is running away with you. Make some time to plan now and you can quickly regain a sense of control. I spent a few hours last week adding all my known commitments into my online calendar (including self and family) right through June 2019. That alone made me feel more relaxed.

I have a couple of updates for you and a complimentary offer (10 tickets available!) to attend a workshop by the energetic and inspiring Paula Morand on September 25th.



Please join me at www.clarekumar.com where I share more about my speaking and coaching on productivity, organization and work-life integration.

You’ll notice I’m targeting to serve forward-thinking companies and spread The Performance Equation: Productivity + Pleasure = Performance. What do I mean by that? Pleasure might sound frivolous at first, but by pleasure, I don’t mean only fleeting moments of easily-achieved joy. Some of the greatest fulfillment comes from seeking and mastering challenges. In fact, we need them. Challenge is one of the required elements to achieve a state of flow according to the author of Flow: The psychology of optimal experience, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. You’ll see why I refer to “flow” later.

Through presentations, workshops, and coaching, I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs achieve this state of optimal performance, where guilt and self-doubt have no place. If you have team members who you think are lacking organizational skills to perform at their best, or if you’re struggling to accomplish what’s most important to you, we should talk. Follow any of the invitations to connect on the site, or simply reply to this email. It all starts with a conversation.

Re: Organizing Services

While I personally serve a few select organizing clients, I am well-connected to organizers across North America available to assist with organizing projects. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a hand.

Re: The Streamlife Blog

I no longer plan to add posts to the Streamlife blog. For a time (yet to be determined) posts will still be available to read at www.streamlife.ca.  I will be publishing new content about productivity, organization and work-life integration at www.ClareKumar.com. If you have subscribed to the Streamlife Newsletter, you will be automatically subscribed to the ClareKumar Newsletter. Of course, if you no longer find the content relevant, don’t hesitate to unsubscribe! If you love it, please share.


You can find out about upcoming speaking events at the bottom of the Speaking Page. I’m looking forward to speaking at Company of Women, Spoken Lives, and Vivacious Leaders this fall, and if you’re considering a membership at CAPS, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, I’ll be speaking at the convention in Vancouver this December.


There are a few coaching spots left for this fall. If you or someone you know might benefit, I invite you to book a conversation with me. It is my greatest joy to help unlock potential and unleash unique gifts, all the while driving self-care as a focus to ensure performance is sustainable.


Over the past few years, as some of you may know, I’ve been crafting, presenting and refining my holistic model for sustainable performance, Productivity CPR™. In August, I began getting it out of my head and into a format that can be easily shared – I’ve started writing my book!

Curious about the title? Find out more, sign up to stay in the know on the Books+ page 0n my website, and be sure to let me know what you think of the title. I’ve been testing it out for about four months now and would love to hear your positive and constructive comments.

If you wouldn’t mind lending a hand, I’m looking for:


I’m seeking examples of leadership respecting humanity and achieving positive results. It could do with anything from encouraging autonomy at work or inventive office design. If you know of someone I should interview or an example worth sharing, please let me know!


It’s early days yet, but I’m on the lookout for companies which will benefit from reaching the audience of professionals and entrepreneurs with whom I’ll be spreading the performance equation. The productivity model is holistic and touches on wellness as well as tools to make you more productive. I welcome discussions with aligned brands. Think technology, cars, hotels, travel, and more.


  1. MY GIFT TO YOU – AN INVITATION (September 25, Mississauga, Ontario)

I am pleased to share a limited number complimentary tickets to my friend and fellow speaker Paula Morand’s BOLD VISION Live event for professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, speakers, coaches and consultants in Mississauga on Tuesday, September 25th.


Based on her newest best-selling book Bold Vision: A Leader’s Playbook for Managing Growth, Paula Morand challenges the cultural popularity of the theory that growth is difficult. Instead, she believes that we are not wired to stay stuck in the status quo. We are always ready to change, to be innovative and to see our world in new ways.

A globally recognized professional speaker and author, Paula will share smart ideas for leaders and entrepreneurs to get to that natural growth mindset and answer the question that we must all inevitably ask: “Where do we go from here?”

With real-life examples and a convincing mix of current research and actionable strategies, Paula shares her belief that the growth phase of our career and our business can be even more important than the attainment or start-up phase. Ultimately, to grow our leadership and grow our business, we must simultaneously grow ourselves.

8:30 AM                Networking

9:00 AM-noon     Interactive Session

Location               C Banquets, 300 City Centre Drive, 12th Floor, Mississauga, ON

Kindly RSVP to me directly at clare@clarekumar.com by Monday, September 10th at noon, with the number of tickets you desire (max 2) and I’ll confirm if still available.

To your productivity & pleasure!