Halloween Pumpkin

You can thank me for not posting last year’s large pumpkin which was vomiting on another smaller pumpkin. Disturbing humour from the kids!


  1. Smartly store your Halloween décor

Though not often used, you don’t want seasonal décor to be too difficult to access.  Don’t risk  letting your collection languish in hard to reach storage spots.

Keep things manageable by storing items in clear bins of a uniform size or system designed to stack easily.  Adding labels can make for faster recognition. To reduce visual noise and provide an quick clue for recognition, line the front of each box with orange Bristol board.

Create bins for costumes, makeup (probably in a shoe box within a bin to make sure it doesn’t go everywhere!), and both indoor and outdoor items.  You might consider storing wreaths separately to protect them.

At the end of each season, be sure to cull your collection by removing faded, worn and damaged items.


  1. Sensitively serve tasty treats

Arrange food and drinks for easy self-service on clear counters, buffets or serving carts. Trays will help contain like items such as wine bottles, paper napkins and cutlery or condiments, and may help protect furniture surfaces.

Add labels to identify food allergens and sensitivities for nuts, but also sugar, meat, fish, dairy and gluten. Your guests will feel attended to and more at ease.


  1. Smoothly schedule the date

Halloween parties are pretty easy to schedule as they often fall on the night itself or on the weekend preceding. If choosing a date is hard and you want to make sure key people can attend, create a poll in www.doodle.com to assess availability before choosing a date.


  1. Easy invites

Use an online program such as evite or Eventbrite to streamline the invitation and response system.  Guests can respond and also see who else is joining in.

It can be helpful to create an excel list of your invitees with their email addresses to copy and paste into the event site. Save the file for use next year.

If this is a formal party with designated seating, consider investing in the Pro Party Planner app which has greater functionality, even letting you assign seating for your guests.


  1. Don’t forget the soundtrack

Compile a playlist of your favourite spooky sounds or songs to complete the mood for your party.

Have a camera or your phone ready to capture reactions and best costumes!

If you’re planning an event and need organizing assistance, we are here to help. Streamlife organizers have assisted with addressing and putting together invitations, preparing a home for a party and more.  Book a Discovery Call to discuss your needs!