Street in the dark before sunrise in winter

How did you fare with the recent “spring forward” in time? I find the brighter evenings make the sting of losing an hour much easier to bear.

I have a bit of a challenge, though, with the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which advanced the start of daylight savings time in the spring of 2007 from April to mid-March, and delayed the reversal in the fall from October to November. ¬†Apparently Congress retained the right to revert to earlier laws should it prove unpopular…and they would have my vote to do so.

I get up around 7am every day. With the change I felt plunged back into darkness and less energized to get up. There is something natural about rising with the sun. I’m curious – did anyone else feel like their natural enthusiasm for spring was zapped, and not just because of the cooler weather? ¬†I’d love to hear how it affected you.

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