Clare Kumar - International Coaching Week 2018


Did you know that International Coaching Week runs from May 7 – 13th this year? Coaches all over the world will be involved in a variety of activities including offering pro bono coaching so more people can experience the benefits of working with a coach.

In previous years, I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering with the Toronto Chapter of the International Coaching Federation with organizations in the city. This year, with details still being finalized, I decided to offer my own complimentary 30 minute laser coaching sessions during two afternoons this week.

As you likely know, my areas of expertise are organization and productivity, including successful work-life integration. My experience as a corporate leader (across marketing, product development, finance, human resources, communications and sales), entrepreneur, media personality, expat, inventor, volunteer, and parent also informs my coaching. As a Certified Executive Coach, I’m happy to explore a wide variety of topics.

I’ve blocked off time for appointments between 1 and 4 pm Eastern time on Wednesday, May 9 and Thursday May 10.  If you are interested in securing one of the few remaining spots, please sign up through this link.

If you use Facebook and you’d like to hear more about the benefits of working with a coach (most coaches I know invest in being coached themselves!), and why I decided to invest in professional training, I invite you to watch this Facebook live video.  It’s recorded from my personal page, but if you’d like to follow solely organizing and productivity content, you’ll want to check out the Streamlife page.

You’re also welcome to share this invitation with someone you think may be interested.  If you’ve worked with a coach, I’d love to read your comments here! What difference has it made for you?