If you’re like me, you can’t wait for it to warm up now that spring is technically here.  You may have noticed an increase in energy now that the days are longer.  I find the third week in February is when it shifts for me.  It’s a great time of year to capitalize on that additional boost of energy I hope you’re feeling.

Perhaps it’s time to tackle the feeling of overwhelm that can catch you at work, or even at home?  I enjoy working with motivated professionals on identifying productivity challenges, and busting them, one by one.  The value of coaching is in custom attention and support to demolishing what’s in your way. Changing mindsets, building skills and cultivating new habits are all positive, long-lasting outcomes.

To that end, I have a special offer for you and encourage you to explore coaching through some of these challenges.  I’m including an extra 90 minute session in my 3 month Success Coaching package to kick off work together by going through the Productivity CPR™ Assessment.  This is a 50 point questionnaire which goes through a wide variety of behaviours and practices that directly impact personal productivity.

This special 3 month package will only be available through April 30, 2018 for a limited number of participants and include:

BONUS 1 x 90 minute kick-off session with Productivity CPR Assessment

6 x 1 hour calls (twice per month for 3 months)

Email support

Relevant support documents

1 30 minute check-in call after the program

Regular value:  Approximately $3675. Right now for $2875, taxes included. (Prices are in Canadian dollars)

This offer is only available through this link.  I invite you to use it or share it with someone who could benefit from focused attention in this area.

Here is a one page summary with booking link you may also share.  2018_04_Coaching_Offer_Spring_into_Action

Ask me about one of my favourite things to do – an onsite combo of Lunch and Learn Presentation followed by an afternoon of Laser Coaching.  The presentation energizes and unites everyone with a common conceptual understanding, and coaching provides an opportunity for individuals to explore personal issues more deeply.  Topics include Productivity, Organization and Work-Life Integration.

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