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Clare speaks with CityNews reporter Adrian Ghobrial on how celebrating sports affects workplace productivity

Chances are you might be feeling the fever of playoff season. It’s the first time in over fifteen years that Toronto’s basketball and hockey franchises have both made the season finals, and the city is buzzing!  CityNews reached out to me for thoughts on whether this is a good or bad thing when it comes to getting work done in the office.  Since the clip, which aired last night, is not online, I thought I’d summarize it here for you:


A recent study by Robert Half company, Office Team, revealed that almost 60% of Canadian workers polled reported feeling happier when celebrating their teams at work.

It’s not all shiny though. 10% of people reported feeling less productive after a big game.  I’m not sure if that related to being slightly hung over, being distracted, or feeling crushed if the favoured team didn’t win!

With a 2015 study from the University of Warwick connecting happiness to an increase in productivity of 12% on average to as much as a positive 20%, celebrating sports in the workplace seems to be a good idea.


Tips on not letting game brain take over

Be even more clear about what you intend to accomplish in your work day. Write down  a short list of your key tasks for the day. I call them the Focused Five™.

Use the positive energy to fuel your focus so you work more efficiently and have time to fully enjoy the games.

Connect with your colleagues, but watch out for lengthy talkers who will evaporate your time.


Curious – what happens at your workplace? Do you find it distracting or beneficial?  Or are you among the reported seven percent who truly don’t care?


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