Condo closets seem to come in all shapes and sizes, stuck in corners and nooks, and stuffed into leftover spaces. Don’t get too excited at a “walk-in”, as it’s often just a closet with a hard to use corner!  However with some creativity and the right pieces you can store a great deal even in a small space.

I got to play with the new Harmony Twill clothing storage line from organizing masterminds Neatfreak*.  It looks elegant and installs in seconds, often with no tools.

Here are some ways you can make the most of your mini-storage:

  1. Respect your preferences

You’ll feel more at home if you can keep storing clothes the way you prefer. If you like to hang, add extra hanging space with a lower hanging bar.  If you prefer folding, then you’ll want to create more shelf space. A quick way to do that is to add hanging organizers right from the existing bar. This is especially effective if you are renting and can’t install built-ins.

small closet organizing tools from neatfreak

Neatfreak sweater and shoe organizers with bins and drawers.

  1. Make shelves super functional

Adding drawers or bins to the hanging organizers lets you store a greater variety of items, and more of them because of the “walls” which permit you to fill the cavity.  I particularly like that the drawers have two different sides, like magazine holders, so you can choose to leave parts exposed or keep the entire space discreet.  Label maker labels stick beautifully to the surface making it easy to tell what’s inside.  A coloured label on a clear backing looks best.


Neatfreak storage organizers in small closet

Use bins on upper shelves to contain like items together.

  1. Use every inch

Go to the top! Upper shelves can be a disaster without organizing supports. Place items in bins which will be much easier to pull down. They can even be stacked upon each other depending upon the height of your ceilings.

And fill the bottom.  Neatfreak offers several units which can be placed on the floor in the closest to store anything from shoes to sweaters, and in my case extra office supplies. Assembling in minutes, these pieces are sturdy and even offer a firm top which you can use as a shelf.

Another way to go from top to bottom is to place a slim laundry hamper on the bottom. I use mine to hold my yoga mat, tennis racquet, wrapping paper and vacuum cleaner wand.  Above that are super sturdy Neatclips that hold my swimming and extra shopping bags.  See top picture!


*I was sponsored by Neatfreak and provided with the Harmony Twill clothing storage line.  All opinions are my own after testing and working with the product.


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