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Are you considering a renovation or home restyle?  Too often I’ve seen a main floor renovation which looks and feels fantastic, yet when you head downstairs to the basement, I, sometimes literally, stumble upon a very full den of deferred decisions. Clients tell me this diminishes the joy of the reno.

To avoid this, I recommend editing possessions in advance of the redesign. Thoughtfully consider what will need a home in the freshly designed space.  Thinking about this early enough so you can provide input to your design team will lead to results you’ll be happy with.  It’s all driven by your priorities – what you want to do and how you want to feel in a space. From there, choose your furniture and storage solutions to house the items you’ll use, while preserving function and flow in the space.

Create homes elsewhere for items that continue to serve you but no longer make sense for this space, and find ways to divest the things you no longer need.  This can be emotionally challenging so let your clear vision help  guide you to solid decision making.

Read the full article. which appeared in the Toronto Star, on my media page.  I explain my Four Step P.L.A.N. to Get Organized™, and put a positive spin on letting go.  You’ll also find comments from busy families and what they are doing to creatively clear.


Toronto Star article on decluttering to prepare for a reno

Courtesy Toronto Star

Have you managed a renovation?  Were you able to successfully prepare or did you end up in a scenario similar to what I’ve described? I welcome your thoughts.


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