In March I visited Chicago for the fifth time to attend the International Home and Housewares Show – continuing work on bringing Pliio to more retailers, but also scouting to share the latest inventions with you. It was wonderful to see many new items and also the growth of products I spotted last year, like Gleener, Fresh Tape and Holster Brands and (re)zip from Blue AvocadoBoot Butler is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Congrats to inventor, Andy Elstein.

On to some cool finds from this year’s show:


Sustainable Toothbrush


Meet Patrick Triato from The Goodwell Company and his new take on the toothbrush. This eco-friendly toothbrush addresses the goal of reducing waste with a base you keep forever, offers a subscription-based service for biodegradable oral hygiene components, a storage compartment in the base, and a string on the bottom which would allow you to hang it from a hook – perfect for those who like to brush in the shower. The picture above does not do it justice.  Check out their website for a close up.  The toothbrush really looked like it belonged in the MOMA store, and it felt fantastic in your hand, too. Congratulations on being a finalist for the Innovation Award.

Car Gap Filler


All you Shark Tank lovers out there might recognize Marc Newburger from his appearance on the show. He along with fellow inventor, Jeffrey Simon, reeled in a deal with the savvy Shark and QVC Maven, Lori Greiner. The Drop Stop fills the gap between your car seat and the gear shift or console, and prevents items like phones, parking receipts and credit cards from sliding into never never land. It works!

Easy Picture Hanging



My fellow organizers and home stagers will love this product. Easy Hang It is a tape measure with a level attached to it, making it easy to hang pictures requiring two nails. Simple and effective.  From inventor Scott Dykes.


Dish-washing System



Now let me introduce you to Tonis Tollasep, stay-at-home dad and fellow band-mate (yes –it was awesome to have a friend in town!).  Tonis invented this in-sink system to conserve water when you do the dishes. It consists of a cup, catcher and caddy (or kup, katcher and kaddy in Sink Inc.’s lingo) as well as a brush. Perfect for the RV or the cottage where water conservation is king.



Clothing Storage



Meet David Michael Sandgrund, the man behind the “arc shelf”, a tool for people who really don’t like folding. David is currently looking for licensing partners to take this concept to market. What do you think? Would you use this?

Lid Holder


I never like putting a messy lid down on a clean counter. Scott Clarkson understands that and created The Lid Keeper. It also holds utensils, books and magazines, and even an iPad. That said, I’m not sure I’d want this on my counter all the time. What do you think? Would this be a hit in your home?

Network for Inventors



Lastly, meet Dhana Cohen, tireless supporter and connector of inventors with folks that can help get products to market through Inventorz Network which she co-owns with Melinda Knight.  Listen to our interview on Innovation Divaz.

Which products above resonate with your or if you’re an organizer, which do you think will benefit your clients?  Drop a line in the comments below.

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