How would you feel if someone gave you a gift certificate for organizing services or a product to help get organized?

Embarrassed? Incredulous?

No need. Let me turn that around to excited and eager!

Few organizing skills are taught in school yet many of us have an expectation that we are supposed to just know how to do it. Not everyone innately has these skills and for many it’s frustrating to try to get organized and yet not create systems that work.

In the marketing and media that I have shared over the last few years, my goal has been to present organizing services and products as tools that fast track you to living the life you really want by

a) Improving efficiency and productivity
b) Improving peace of mind at home and work

When perceived as a tool to give you your best life, it’s much less about fixing something that is broken, and much more about positively creating environments in which you can thrive.

So what makes a great organizing gift?


Some of you might be thinking “I have enough stuff. Why would a professional organizer suggest purchasing more?”  I get it!  We recommend using what you own where you can, however for an organizing system to be sustainable, things must be:

a) Visible – if you see things, you remember you have them, and are much more likely to use them!

b) Accessible – items must be places so they can be retrieved using the appropriate amount of effort

c) Manageable – items have to be easy to handle – through both retrieval and putting away

Here are a few examples which accomplish all three beautifully:

1. Premium Modular Canisters

From Rubbermaid®, this is one of my favourite products for the kitchen. The shape of these canisters is perfect for upper cabinets or in pantry. They use the full-depth of the shelf which prevents the creation of two rows…one of which you can’t see!  Canisters come in different heights so you can choose the right size for your foods, and stack them easily.  The new clear lids mean that you can now use them effectively in drawers as well.  Eliminate all those crumpled bags of dusty flour, sloppy sacks of lentils and lost twist ties and make the kitchen a happy place!

Premium Modular Canister by Rubbermaid

Clear on all sides, modular, stackable and fits in one hand!

2. Pliio Clothing Management System

Pliio® products make clothes easy to fold so they stay folded.  Clothes can be removed easily from drawers or shelves – even the bottom one in a pile, and even better, Pliio makes them easy to put away. No more excuses! Don’t you know someone who deserves starting and ending their day with a closet that looks like this?

Keeping clothes visible, accessible and manageable and maximizing storage space.

Keeping clothes visible, accessible and manageable while maximizing storage space!

3. Well-designed Fridge

If you’ve got a bigger budget, this fridge from Miele is a fine example of keeping things visible with its clear drawer and shelf fronts. Counter-depth shelves ensure a simple reach for everything.

miele refrigerator at IDS

A well-designed fridge with clear drawers and shelves keeps food easy to see and easy to access.


You can work with Streamlife organizers in person from developing organizing strategies right through to implementation and follow-up coaching.

Did you know you can also work with me virtually?  With either a combination of phone conversations and photos or Skype/Facetime sessions, we can tackle any organizing challenge no matter where you live.  Simply email for more info.

I often end my talks with this closing thought: organizing is a foundation for personal and professional success. So, if you know someone who would like to create a home that recharges them instead of depletes them, or an office in which they can get right to work – on the right things – each day, consider the gift of getting organized.

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