cute cats in office window

How can you resist?

I have been thinking about this post for a while.  Just kidding!  I was reviewing a book on time management over the weekend and got to thinking about how I procrastinate. Most people do. In all my experience consulting on productivity, I have only met one person who said they don’t procrastinate.

First of all, a definition of procrastination, according to the Oxford dictionary:

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something.

For me, there’s a sense that I’m choosing to do something I enjoy slightly more than something I should be doing which is more important but less enjoyable.  Truth is that it might be something that just feels difficult to start doing because it’s challenging to accomplish or worse, it’s boring!

Livening up mundane tasks with music or good company helps. Breaking down complex or daunting tasks into smaller steps, and in particular identifying the immediate next steps will help get you on your way.  An earlier post shares other ways to beat procrastination.

But, in the spirit of fun, here’s a list of some favourite ways to procrastinate (forgive my love of word play):

1. Pro-cats-tination

The real reason behind the onslaught of cute cat videos.  That and taking pictures of your own cats. Example above.  Yes – that’s my office window. When my assistant left last month, she presented me with a parting gift – a mug covered in cat pictures – taken on her desk.  I wasn’t the only one with no immunity to cat cute!


2. Procras-tea-nation

Starting to work only after having a second cup of tea.  Applies to coffee, too.


3. Consumed with Cleanliness

Surely if the laundry looks good, it’s because there’s something you dislike doing even more on your to do list.


4. Virtual Socializing

Conversing on social media a few times a day is today’s office water cooler, especially for solo-preneurs. How else can you stay culturally literate?


5. Analysis Paralysis

The comfort and safety of fully researching a project. If you can spend all your time learning about what you want to write about, you really never have to worry about finishing it and finding out if it’s any good.

Okay, maybe these are my favourite ways to procrastinate.  Curious, what are yours?  Let me know in the comments below…

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