People viewing Wrap-iT at the NAPO 2014 Conference Expo

Here is the second instalment in my summary of innovative and useful products from the 2014 National Association of Professional Organizers Conference in Phoenix.


Gift Wrap Organizing 

Wrapping paper and ribbon got you all tied up in knots?  Gift bags crumpled and embarrassing to use?  Struggle no more thanks to the WrapiT Gift bag by Adam Levine…um, the other Adam Levine.  But no apologies – you will not be disappointed!  I first met Adam at QVC – right after he rocked his demo, and before I went on to show Pliio®. Glad I did! Adam left a deluxe model for me to take home and try. He was organized! I was thrilled to see Adam again at the NAPO Expo where I witnessed the WrapiT get a lot of love from the organizing crowd.

Wrap-iT designer, Adam Levine

Wrap-iT designer, Adam Levine

Adam has designed a sturdy, easy to use, high capacity, versatile storage solution for all your wrapping kit. This bag is thought-through, from the ability to store paper rolls up to 40” in length, to pockets for bags, tissue, ribbon, scissors and bows, to the wooden hanger allowing it to be hung in a closet, to its sleek dimensions making it easy to slide under a bed.

You can find the WrapiT gift bag through its online store.


Taming Time

The Time Timer has been a tried and true time tool for over twenty-five years! It’s never too late to start better managing time and if you need motivation to stay on task, this is a superb way.

Benefits of Using Time Timers

Relax knowing at a glance how much time you have left to complete a task.

The Time Timer is a battery powered clock that is easy to set – with the swipe of a finger (there is a lot to be said for the simplicity of analog design!) – and gives you a visual cue to the time you have left to complete a task. Available in small and large sizes perfect for home, office or classroom. Find out more at  Love this product developed and manufactured in a family-run business.

Time Timer Small and Large


Flexible, Functional Storage from ClosetMaid

I’ve long been a fan of several of the ClosetMaid modular storage pieces.  Boy do I love it when a good thing gets even better.  Take a look at this six-cube shelf.

ClosetMaid Six-Cube Adjustable Storage Shelf

Modular, adjustable, affordable storage from ClosetMaid

What’s new? What you can’t see in this picture is that the shelves are adjustable, allowing you to accommodate items of various heights. Perfect for kid’s books and toys (in combination with their cube organizers), by the front entrance or even in the kitchen for crafts or a homework station.  It’s so new I don’t think it’s even on the ClosetMaid website yet, but do keep an eye out for it.


Storage for Everyday Items 

Smart product developers will well-research their market to ensure it’s going to be a hit. That’s what Grab N’ Go was doing at the NAPO Expo. Based on what I saw, I’d expect this to be in market later this year.  It”s another helpful product developed out of necessity. Meet the inventor, Ray:

Grab N' Go Storage System


A sugary treat

Look what I found in a local candy store…

Organized Candy

Candy for the ultra-organized!