Who says you have to sacrifice fashion for function?  When you’re lucky enough to have both design and organizing expertise on a project, you end up with a space that both works and looks fantastic.  Take a peek at the closets Jo Alcorn, HGTV star and founder of whitewash & co and I transformed, and see just how we got there.


1. The wanna-be glamourous walk-in 

Problems to solve

a)      One of the most exciting things an organizer sees when visiting a client is “space”.  In this case, there weren’t too many clothes for the closet, but there definitely wasn’t enough organizing infrastructure to support the collection.  Hence multiple clothes on the same hanger, shoes scattered around the room.

2014 277

b)      Closets are visually busy places.  The mish-mash of hangers in plastic, wood and metal as well as having everything out in the open on a clothing rack contributed to a ‘noisy’ environment.

2014 279

c)      Jewellery was styled on a low table making it pleasing to look at but awkward to get at.  If something is uncomfortable, it’s likely that it will be avoided. Jewellery was serving as a room accessory but not being worn.

Functional Solutions

Closet Makeover - After Photo

a)      Introducing an elegant, open system from the Cutler Modern Living line, we created hanging space on one side for all work and event clothing, opposed by a fabulous accessory wall  of shoes, bags, jewellery and sunglasses.   Space Solutions did a fantastic job of installing the system in less than a day. Cubbies provide compartmentalized spaces for clutches, scarves and hats.



b)      Unifying the hangers to only two types in one colour palette helped dial down the closet noise.  Neatfreak’s black and silver flocked hangers were ideal for tops, pants and dresses.  Skirts were hung on chrome and black hangers with easy to open clips.


c)      Adding simple hooks to the wall provided easy eye-level access to a bold and beautiful collection of accessories that will now find their way out of the closet.  Hooks from Canadian Tire have a lovely warm silver patina. (see below)

Stylish Solutions


Need I say anything more than the wallpaper. Bam! And thank you for coming out.  Don’t be afraid to have some fun in your closet. If you’ve unified the hangers and colour-blocked your clothing, the wallpaper can really stand out.

The chair, from Canadian Tire’s outdoor collection, is handy to drape clothes on when you’re deciding what to wear, or on those really tired days when you just don’t feel like putting something away immediately.

Mirrors are essential in a dressing room.  It’s ultra -handy to have a second mirror right by the necklaces to help choose the right piece.

The finish on the Cutler Space Pro line kept things light, fresh and elegant.


2. The rankling reach-in


Before photo - reach in closet

Problems to solve

a)      Surprisingly this master bedroom closet was built shallower than traditional closets, making it hard to use hangers.

b)      I see clothes piled up on upper shelves in so many homes. Invariably the shelf ends up becoming a topsy-turvy tumble of wrinkled clothes and the clothing ends up being neglected.  It’s just too annoying to retrieve an item and put it away.  Sound familiar?

Functional Solutions


a)      Since we had the beautiful custom system in the walk-in closet to accommodate hanging garments, we could use this closet solely to support folded casual clothes.  Using the Closet Max system from Neatfreak, we installed shelving in seconds providing a home for t’s, sweaters, bottoms and leggings.

We folded clothes with Pliio Clothing Pilers which make folding easy and provide an infrastructure which makes them easier than ever to take out and put away. The best thing, though, is that they never mess up.

b)      We used shelf risers from Neatfreak to provide some structure to the upper shelves. Here we folded t-shirts with Pliio Clothing Filers and stored them vertically. Choosing a top is as simple as taking a book off a shelf.

Who knew workout gear could look this good?

Stylish Solutions

The ClosetMax line in its Greystone interpretation complemented the white and silver tones in the bedroom.  The lines of the coordinating hamper and garment bags add a feminine elegance to the most industrious of products.

Pliio turns the wardrobe into a style statement all its own by creating a tidy uniformity of shape which is pleasing to the eye. Group by colour to further beautify.

With attention to function and fashion, organizing and design, you too can create a stunning home for your wardrobe.







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