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Spring has been slow to arrive in Toronto this year. Normally by now I would have my winter boots cleaned, stuffed and stored away for the winter. I’m leaving that for next weekend, but I have bravely put all my wool sweaters and winter dresses away.  On principle.

Every spring and fall I review my wardrobe and edit out items that I’m no longer excited about, no longer fit or are in poor condition.  It may surprise you that I too, find this challenging. I enjoy my clothes and really have mastered the art of fitting as much comfortably in a closet as possible. I have just reached 1 in 1 out limits and have to talk to myself with a little tough love from time to time. I don’t have a hard and fast rule about not wearing something for 1 year for sometimes you just need a bit of creativity to see a piece in a different light and make it work again.  I do think if something has sat for two seasons and you don’t feel inspired when you look at it, it is likely time to give it up.  Feelings of “it was expensive” or sentimental attachment are not reasons to keep something in your active wardrobe space. That real estate is too precious.

TIP: If you want to get some cash back out of your clothes, considering consigning those less than 2 years old and in tip top shape. Put them in a garment bag with the date August 15th on it. This is the time consignment stores will start taking fall clothing.  Take them in early to get top dollar. Sorry, I know you don’t want to think about fall just yet!

The spring real estate market has been delayed too, with inventory just starting to pick up in the past week or so.  Every year we help families who have just moved get their homes up and running in a few days. We unpack and organize at the same time. It’s marvellously efficient and helps a house feel like home in no time.

This week I get to talk about two related topics in the media – closet organizing and moving.  Join me if you can!

Tips for a Stress-Free move

  • Tuesday, May 20 – The Social – 1-2pm and later online

The Organized and Styled Closet – Join HGTV’s super-stylist and founder of Whitewash & co, Jo Alcorn and I as we share the successful makeover of her closets.  In an upcoming post, I’ll tell the story of how designer and organizer collaborate so that neither function nor form are sacrificed in bringing order to a closet.

  • Wednesday, May 21 – CHCH  Morning Live – 9:40 am
  • Friday, May 23 – Global News at noon – 12:10 – 12:30

Note – there is always the possibility of a time change with live TV where anything can happen!

If you’ve got closet challenges, or have ever felt stressed about a move, I’d love to hear your stories in the comments.


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