The International Home and Housewares Show is a fantastic place for inventors to showcase their creations. Inventor’s Corner is packed full of mini-booths manned by the inventors themselves. There are opportunities to listen to informative presentations and pitch to panels of experts. Any inventor who wants to get a product for the home to market should consider this grand-daddy of shows.

I spent almost all my time in Fresh Home Element’s booth sharing new additions to the Pliio® product line…coming to Bed, Bath and Beyond later this spring. I’ll share more on that in a later post.  But I did make time to scour the show for nifty new ideas. On to the neat inventions I found!



Want a safe space to stow a hot iron or place your glasses down beside your pedestal sink? Anyone with a lack of counter space knows that pain. Holster brings these cute and colourful silicon holders that stick over the edge of the sink and to flat wall surfaces. Think a school locker or a mirror, for example.  Awesome, punchy branding and a great display.





I’m looking forward to sharing more Blue Avocado products on The Shopping Channel this year. These reusable, resealable bags are amazing for food, toys, cosmetics and more. If you’re feeling sad about single use plastic, this product is definitely for you.



Shipping in June, check out this innovation in boot storage from inventor Andy Elstein – The Boot Butler.  Check out how it works in the 2-minute video. I love how it uses the depth of the closet rather than just the narrow vertical space boots normally take up.




I’ll bet Professional Organizers out there will love this product.   Meet Milton Wheeler who has solved this problem: ever need just the right length twist tie?  Comes up every time I want a quick and affordable cable management solution.  The Twist-tie Pod lets you roll out and cut the length you need. Going to get one for my kit bag. Comes in a few colours. Accepting pre-orders.



Designed by rock and roll radio chicks Liz and Laura (below), FreshTape solves a problem I truly trying to have…having to reseal a snack bag.  You know where I’m going with that!  Do away with bag clips and elastic bands (which dry and sometimes feel awkward to put on), and try this eco-friendly, resuable (up to 12X), food safe. freezer friendly tape…



…which comes in super fun designs like this one!



Meet Chris Tassin from Cabidor. Over the door organizers often feel unstable (unless strapped down), can’t support that much weight, and get overloaded compromising the passageway. This ingenious design mounts the organizer to door hinges which take a considerable weight. With designs for jewellery, bathroom supplies, pantry items, and more. Extra points for your cool company name: Hingenuity, Inc.



I found “What’s That Paint?” last year at the NAPO conference.  Lovely to see additions to the line in smaller sizes, something I mentioned at the conference. Decanting paint into smaller containers reduces the amount of air inside and promotes longevity. Way to go Deanna!



And here’s another favourite I’ve written about, from fellow Canadian inventor, Kim Cole.  Wonderful to see Kim’s continued success with Gleener, the best tool I’ve found to de-pill sweaters.


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