As promised in Part 1, here are a few more nifty sanity savers from the International Home and Housewares Show. As a product developer myself, I delight in seeing products come this far. So much work is put in behind the scenes to get a product as far as the Housewares Showroom floor. Let me know what you think of these? Would they make your life a little easier?


Alarm Clock to make setting the time for naps easier

The Napper

It’s a wonderfully simple concept – instead setting the exact time for the alarm to go off, just tap one of the buttons to select a 15, 30 or 60 minute nap. Hit consecutively, the time will accumulate.

Here’s why I think this tool is a lifesaver.  Last month I had the pleasure of being the guest expert on The Shopping Channel’s “Today’s Showstopper”.  If you watch the channel, you’ll know that this is an intense period of work with live shows airing seven times during the day.  Add to that guest appearances (with the lovely Yanic Simard and others) for another three shows, and top of the hour highlights, I was in about thirteen shows over the twenty-four hour period.

Now if you follow my writing, you’ll know that even at the best of times I advocate power napping as a tool to rest and recharge the body.  Between the evening and morning shows, I was able to grab just under three hours sleep, so had to rely on my cat-napping skills during the day, grabbing about fifteen minutes at a time.  What I would have given to have this handy tool in my dressing room.  It has earned a place on my carefully curated night table.




Pill and lint removal tool

The Gleener

When guiding clients on what to keep and what to throw out, I often come across clothing that once looked fabulous, but has sinced pilled and now looks tired and worn. Instead of getting rid of these garments, consider this tool to renew such garb to its former glory.

The last time I tried to use a motorized pill remover, I motored a hole right through my sweater. I’m looking forward to trying the gentler Gleener.

Following the instructions provided on the Gleener website, select one of three special blades depending upon the fabric you are restoring.  There is also a lint remover making it a complete tool. Add to that it’s offered in orange, and created by another Canadian entrepreneur, and how could I resist? I’ve just ordered mine.




The Shopping List Bag

Ever arrive at the grocery store and forget your grocery bags?  Or worse, your list?  Boost your chances for a successful shop by combining them with this handy tool.  You might consider storing your extra bags inside the The Shopping List Bag to make sure they are always on hand.

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. Is there something in every day life that is bugging you? Work out a solution and you might have the next great idea.



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