Forgive my lapse in posting, I’m just returning from two trips – one a vacation with family to explore Washington, D.C., and the other a trip to Chicago for a trade event – the International Home and Housewares Show where more than 60,000 people from all over the world gather to trade. Vendors display their new product lines to retail buyers, private meetings take place to view prototypes, and new inventors come to show their ideas in hopes of bringing them to market.

Grouped together in the “clean + contain + sustain section” are row upon row of organizing products. It’s truly a large slice of organizing heaven. Eventually you will see the best of all on offer in retail channels throughout the world.

It’s very much a global experience at the show. Lunch was spent putting my French through its paces with distributor to the French catalogue market.  I also got to try my much forgotten Japanese with several representatives from Japan. I left wishing I had more than three months of Spanish under my belt. Language is a wonderful tool to build relationships.

Pliio and FHE Group at 2013 International Home and Housewares Show

My days were spent with my new partners, Toronto-based Fresh Home Elements (FHE).  I was thrilled to be with them in their stunning booth to share Pliio™ with buyers from everywhere.  I’ve shown hundreds of people how to use the product and it’s always a delight watching eyes light up with how easy it is to fold using the product, and seeing them start to think about how good their wardrobes could look, and further, what it might mean to their customers.  The show was a success for us. Expect to find Pliio Clothing Filers in retail stores in North America early this summer! Details to come as soon as I have them.

(Sidenote – FHE makes the super folding storage ottomans I showcased on The Shopping Channel in February 2013.)


While at the “Housewares Show”, I took some time to check out a few favourite brands to see the latest product innovations.

Here’s some of the latest from Rubbermaid. Keep an eye out in coming months as they may not be in stores yet.


Rubbermaid Lunchblox Lunchbags

1. The Lunch Blox™ series is now available in fun kid colours and a new configuration designed for flat lunch boxes.  Ice packs and food storage containers are designed to fit together and save lunch box space.  What you’re seeing here are the original colours targeting the adult lunchbox owners. Kid colours include purple, orange and blue if I remember correctly.




Rubbermaid Power scrubber cleaning tool

2. The Reveal Power Scrubber instantly caught my eye. For ages, I have been using an old electric toothbrush to clean around the faucets in my house. This tool ups the horsepower and I imagine will get the job done faster.




Rubbermaid Premium Modular Canister food storage


3. Modular Canisters have been elevated with clear plastic and a sleeker, symmetrical lid.  They are now part of the Premier line.



And for the closet or garage:


Rubbermaid All Access Organizer storage for closet and garage

4. There are new stack-able bins called All Access Organizers that have a clear front panel which can be slid up to open and provide both a view and access to the interior contents, even while the bin is stacked, making retrieval easier.  You will want to think carefully about how you place items inside the container to make sure you  can remove them from the side.

Saving a few other super cool products for another post…stay tuned!



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