de-cluttered desk

Every year, the third Thursday in October is “Organize Your Desk Day”. Why a day to focus on something that sounds as simple as an organized desk? For many of us, an organized desk is an elusive reality keeping us from clear thinking and maximum productivity.

One study reported that employees spend up to 30% of their time searching for lost information. Not only is that expensive, it simply doesn’t feel good. Another study suggests that over half of computer users report pain from use during the first year after starting a new job. Uncomfortable workspaces lead to unproductive work.

Think about how much time you spend working in your office. Isn’t it worth figuring out how to ensure that your workspace is helping, not hindering your work? An organized desk is really a symbol of an organized workspace, one that is:

  • consistently ready for use
  • convenient for finding the tools and information you need
  • comfortable and conducive to your work activities
  • creative and inspiring

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or employee, in a home office or the head office, invest in finding your path to order, productivity and peace of mind.

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