Kids are ever growing and changing. Too soon, it seems, the room that you designed for them just a few years ago, which was perfectly functional and fashionable then, now feels awkward and outdated.  Not to worry. With a combination of organizing skills and design savvy, you can create a room for today’s needs with tomorrow in mind.

Applying the Streamlife® 4 Step P.L.A.N. when beginning to work on the room will help you keep function top of mind.   It is easy to be tempted by beauty and compromise comfort.  For longevity, identify and accommodate activities likely to take place for the next few years.  From a design perspective, stick to neutrals for the most expensive pieces, while adding colour and personality to less expensive items.   Here is an example:

CHALLENGE – Convert a shared bedroom for two toddlers into a private room for a growing girl


This large bedroom was originally shared by a brother, 5, and sister, 3.  After moving from another city, the companionship found in sharing a room was a comfort.  Fast forward 4 years and it was time for separate rooms. The conversion of a downstairs playroom into a large bedroom for her brother, coupled with inheriting a grown-up bedroom suite, meant it was the ideal time to update and customize this space.


Applying the Streamlife® 4 Step P.L.A.N.™:

1. Prioritize

Identify the activities to take place in the room. The main priority in a bedroom is quite obviously sleeping. Also important in this room are dressing, reading and playing, especially now the former playroom has become her brother’s bedroom.


2. Liberate

Let go of things that don’t support the new priorities. Since a new bedroom suite was on its way, the old furniture had to be removed. The blue double bed went to her brother’s room.  The carpet, dresser, and outgrown clothing and toys were donated.


3. Arrange

Create zones for each function with furniture and storage to support them.

A restful sleep zone includes a bed with comfortable mattress, easy-to-make bedding,  blinds to control light and a soft carpet for tender toes in the morning.

Bright bedding became the inspiration for the palette in this room.


Daily clothes found homes in dresser drawers and in one of the small closets.

Maximize hanging space by adding a second bar. Hang from the upper bar or use a tension rod.

Dress up clothes and toys were housed in the other closet, and in spare drawers in the tall chest of drawers. Grouping toys and clothes separately makes it easier to find things.


Create shelves in a closet instantly with hanging closet organizers


Doll’s clothes are hung in a makeshift closet on the bookshelf using a tension rod. Even dolls ought to be organized!


Over the door storage can house stuffed animals instead of shoes!


To accommodate reading the room required storage for a sizeable book collection, a chair to curl up in, and a reading lamp beside the bed.


Nook artfully houses book collection. Bistro set was later removed to make room for floor play.


4. Nurture

To maintain a restful environment, it is important to develop good organizing habits such as putting books and toys away regularly, and depositing clothes into the laundry hamper daily.  Locating a hamper right in the room is helpful.

Thanks to Kelly Margani, Interior Designer for inspiration and finishing touches.


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