As an organizer I often help people deal with an overabundance of things – whether it be in a home or an office, or even a schedule. Yes, our calendars can be cluttered too. Time management is something many of us struggle with as there seems to be increasingly more to manage at work and at home. We set the bar high for ourselves which sometimes leads to frustration, especially when we don’t meet our expectations. I know I’m sometimes guilty of that.

Couple the tendency to bite off more than I can chew with my core belief that we have one life to live, (at least that I’m certain about), and you’ll see why I was so pleased and relieved to find a tool that could help with more than just Time Management, rather, Lifetime Management™ in the form of The Wheel of Life.

We sometimes need a change in perspective from daily, weekly or even monthly planning, something that will help us determine if we’re on the right path, a compass of sorts. If we have one life to live, it is important to me to make the most of it. To me this means trying to derive as much fulfillment from each day as I can. That’s not as selfish as it sounds; I have found the greatest fulfillment comes from giving to others. Often, though, we compromise ourselves in the process.

The Wheel of Life is a tool to help you design the life that you want to live. Often used by life coaches, it helps you become aware of how you are spending your time, measure your level of fulfillment in each area, and to identify areas you can improve on.

Eight different areas of life are arranged in a circle, sectioned like a pie into 8 pieces.

The areas I suggest focusing on are:

Health – How fit is your mind and body? Include both physical and mental health when you assess your satisfaction here for they are equally important

Career – How rewarding is your work. How close are you to using your authentic talents?

Play – How often and deeply do you engage in forms of amusement? Let your inner three year loose from time to time, or as my yoga instructor says, dance every day.

Wealth – How successfully are you able to fund the lifestyle you want for yourself and your dependents? Are you able to give as generously to others as you would like?

Friends and Family – Of what quality are the key relationships in your life? Do you make time to connect socially with others?

Personal Growth – Are you devoting the right amount of time and energy to your own development and learning?

Environment – Is your work, home and garden environment bringing you energy or taking it away?

Significant Relationship – How gratifying is your partnership? Are you giving and getting what you need from each other?

Here’s how to use The Wheel of Life for LifeTime Management™.

Step 1

Think about each area and your level of satisfaction with it and give it a score from 0-10, with 0/10 being completely unfulfilled – “I have forgotten this even exists”, to 10/10 being completely fulfilled – “I should write a book on this!” Place a dot on the appropriate number for each category. For more detailed descriptions visit There is no priority order to categories; each area of life should be assessed.

Step 2
Connect the dots. Your objective is to have a full round circle. Remember, this is a tool based on your dreams and aspirations, no one else’s. You only have to answer to yourself.

Step 3
Identify areas to improve. How full is your circle? Any serious dips require attention. Come up with concrete steps you can take to increase fulfillment in those areas. The Streamlife® 4 Step P.L.A.N.™ can be applied to any area to determine what’s important, what to let go of, how best to structure and maintain it.

Step 4
Repeat quarterly or when life throws you a curve.

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