spring flowers

Where I live, the third weekend in May is traditionally considered a safe start to gardening season. This year we have been blessed with an early spring so many of you will already have a head start.  In any case, it will be a busy weekend at garden centres everywhere.  While I enjoy planting annuals every season, I’ve always felt some discomfort at having to throw out the plastic containers.

If you too are concerned about the recycling of the plastic flats and pots used in the process of creating a beautiful garden, consider shopping at a garden center that takes them back.  Plastic pots and flats which cannot be processed by municipal programs are recycled to hold the next year’s plants and flowers.

In 2008, Loblaws launched Canada’s only national program for recycling pots and flats for recycling.  In the first year alone over 3 million pots were diverted from landfill.  I’m happy to see the service continues.   Simply rinse the pots out and stack them at your local store between May and July.

Note – one year there was so much demand for this service that my local store stopped taking the pots, so don’t delay if you wish to be rid of the pots this year.

In the latest press release, Loblaws shares “Gardeners can also return used pots and flats purchased at any garden centre to Loblaw stores and receive a $5 coupon* for a minimum of 25 pots or flats returned, to be redeemed when they spend a minimum of $50 on gardening products.”

Other local garden centers such as Plant World (Etobicoke) and Sheridan Nurseries (9 centres in Toronto) have recycling programs, so ask your local provider.

*Coupon valid from May 11 – July 5, 2012. Coupons can be found at cash registers of participating Garden Centres.


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