Tips for organized travel

Travelling for business or pleasure is often a rewarding experience. Still, moving from one place to another can be stressful. If we haven’t prepared carefully, we can lose time, incur costs and face frustrations that could otherwise be avoided. Here are ten tips for a smoother trip:

1. Plan ahead
Even if you’re the spontaneous type, some things must be considered in advance. Keep your passport and travel documents valid. Ensure health coverage is in effect, and research the area you are travelling to to make sure you begin any vaccination programs early enough. Check that your credit cards will be valid for the duration of your trip.

2. Move with ease
Carry luggage that lets you move comfortably through airports, train stations, and if necessary, escalators or stairs. The latest four wheel designs allow you to push your luggage effortlessly through the ‘stop and go’ traffic of security and customs line ups.

3. Manage your weight
Strict limits and fees are now in place on most carriers. Save time and money by knowing baggage allowance weights and sizes, and by reducing the weight of your luggage.

4. Pack smart
Recent innovations in luggage and packing tools allow you to effectively live out of your suitcase. Save time and reduce stress with the MOVE mobile closet & Pliio™ Clothing Filers.

Live out of your suitcase with the MOVE mobile closet.

Fold clothing with Pliio Clothing Filers to see everything easily. They fit perfectly in the MOVE mobile closet too!

5. In transit comfort
Increase comfort by bringing a fleece sweater which, when rolled, can act as a neck or lumbar support, or provide extra warmth. Use ear plugs and eye-masks for rest overnight.

6. Avoid trouble
Pay attention to travel alerts for high security areas, weather events or worker disruptions.

7. Keep regular items at the ready
If you travel frequently, keep a toiletry and gadget bag packed with small versions of your essential items. Re-stock after each return trip.

8. Smooth security checks
Use special laptop bags which let you keep your computer in the bag while being screened. Avoid large metal belts or jewelry, empty pockets and wear slip-on shoes.

9. Careful with your carry-on
Know the list of items you can’t take on board with you. Carry important yet hard to replace items such as prescription medications, glasses, jewelry and equipment chargers.

10. Travel safe
Be discreet with your technology. Wear a money belt. Know where you’re going before you set out. Store extra money in a medicine bottle. Keep an extra copy of key documents.

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