Some of you may know that in addition to providing organizing services I have been hard at work developing a product to make managing folded clothes a whole lot easier. I’m excited to share the launch of the Pliio TM clothing filer on HSN – the Home Shopping Network – on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012.

The Pllio clothing filer is a tool that helps you fold, file and find your clothes.  Here are four reasons why Pliio will put you back in control of your closet.


problem one – we don’t know what’s in our wardrobe

I’ve long witnessed people struggle with tall stacks of clothes, or dig through unkempt drawers trying to find a certain item. Invariably, the bottom items in a pile rarely get used, and often become what I call “drawer filler”.   This can be as much as 50% of the items in a drawer.

Problem solved: Pliio clothing filers enable you to store items vertically, to file instead of pile (we organizers LOVE that), which means you can see every item you own.



problem two – our drawers and closets are out of control leave us feeling frustrated

I am beginning to wonder if the ability to fold neatly is in our genes. Some of us have it, and some of us don’t. And to be honest, some of us care, and some of us wonder why we are even talking about this. In my practice so far though, the large majority of people covet a well-0rdered space.  But not everyone can get there on their own.

Problem solved: Pliio clothing filers act as folding tools ensuring a uniform finish. Even four year old kids can fold with Pliio. Moms – do you see the potential to offload here?  It’s actually an empowering thing for kids to be able to fold by themselves and get it right.



problem three – even if we fold things neatly once, they don’t stay folded

We want to see the efforts of our folding last, and the sad reality is that pulling an item out, especially when in a rush, causes pile pandemonium. I worked with an otherwise loving couple and when we started talking about the closet the wife declared quite firmly that her husband could not use the shirt on the bottom of the pile…because she had just folded it, and it was not to be “messed up”.

Problem solved:  The beauty of using Pliio clothing filers is that when you pull an item out, nothing happens to the rest. I have seen jaws drop over this. Truly.

problem four – we need to fit as much as we can in our storage spaces

I see many bulging drawers and crammed closets, largely due to a lack of consistent folding.  Folding clothes in a haphazard fashion actually takes up more room.

Problem solved:  Pliio clothing filers fold garments to a uniform size often allowing more items to be stored in the same space.


While not yet available in Canada (yet – I’m working on it!!), I’m thrilled to say Pliio had it’s television debut on The Marilyn Denis Show. At Marilyn’s request, I demonstrated the product, showing how the Pliio clothing filer makes folding and storing scarves a breeze.

If you’d like to keep up to date on Pliio news, just let me know and we’ll add you to the Pliio newsletter.

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