Did you know October is Canada’s  Healthy Workplace Month (CHWM)?  In fact, it’s the eleventh year. CHWM, which this year begins on October 3rd and runs through October 30th, brings focus to a wellness approach to work that ought to last year round.

Constant pressure from increasing work volumes, staff reductions and an expectation for 24/7 responsiveness are all driving increased stress levels in the workplace. Add to that our personal busy schedules, layer on significant life events such as moving, having a child, or an illness in the family and it’s easy to see why we need knowledge and practices to ensure we stay healthy and productive at work.


Canada's Healthy Workplace Month

The goals of CHWM are

1. to drive awareness that a healthy workplace is the result of personal health and lifestyle practices,  supportive workplace cultures, and physically safe environments

2. to provide resources to help Canadian organizations build and sustain healthy workplaces

3. to increase the number of healthy workplaces

On the CHWM website, once you log in, you’ll be able to access healthful suggestions for mind, body and work, which you can address as a group, or even more practically by yourself.  Suggestions include desk stretches, taking a proper lunch break, and no surprise, re-organizing your workstation!  Anyone who’s attended one of my workshops or 1:1 consulting knows that workplace productivity is directly linked to how you take care of your mind and body.  I presented some helpful tips on this topic in my segment “How to be Happier at Work” on The Marilyn Denis Show last May.

If your organization is doing great things to support its workforce, you may consider applying to be showcased for Best Practices which will no doubt provide inspiration to other companies.

CHWM is managed by Excellence Canada in collaboration with the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety.  Go ahead – take some time this month and make your office a better place to be. Then, please do share  your healthy work practices here.

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