a child's artwork

My son's drawing of a killer whale

Are you ready for the ‘incoming’?  What’s your strategy to cherish your child’s accomplishments without sacrificing your serenity?  Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate the prolific creators.

a)  Frame very special works and display them as pieces of art.

b)  Create a portfolio, keepsake box or scrapbook and involve the children in determining which pieces are to be kept. Once full, some difficult decisions may have to be made.

c)  Especially helpful for 3-D works of art, take photos of the artwork and create a photo book, add to a photo album or scrapbook, or simply place in rotation on a digital photoframe or computer.  Include a picture of your child with the masterpiece to capture their pride.  You might make calendars to give to family members just in time for the holidays – a practical keepsake.  You’ll find affordable custom calendars here.

d)  If you have an empty wall in a playroom or basement, consider turning it into an art wall and let the kids decide what goes there.  Or add a bulletin board in your child’s room to display their favourites.

e) With their permission, include them in your blog.  Ha!

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