BlackberryGoing back a few years, when I left my role as a Marketing professional in the corporate world, I remember feeling a sense of relief in turning my back on my Blackberry and feeling ‘always on’.   Instead I embraced a simple cell phone. 

While it had always felt a little bit exciting to receive email –maybe the next one would hold exciting news and not more work, it actually created a continual state of expectation.  I found myself imagining the sound of an incoming message – the same way I had sometimes imagined my children crying when they were infants.  It was difficult to really relax with the device nearby.

The sense of relief at being less reactive however quickly turned to frustration when I realized I couldn’t input all the information I was used to carrying into the cell phone.  Where was the address I needed? The buzzer code?  The directions?

So, I went back to using a smartphone and again chose a Blackberry.  I regained the comfort of having all my information at hand and also tried two novel features from Telus: Visual Voice Mail and Navigator. 

Visual Voice Mail converts voice mail messages into email. It’s faster and easier to access a message and when you do, all the important contact information is there. Very handy. Not only am I able to respond more quickly to messages, I’m less likely to miss one and keep someone waiting.

The Navigator GPS system integrates with Outlook making it easy to launch an address search. Because it’s so small, I was happy to have help with directions even when walking around the city.

I now use an iPhone which comes with GPS, to which I have added Visual Voice Mail. Voice mail messages now appear as text messages. There is some error in translation but I can make out the important points and decide how to treat the call.

Watch a video demonstration of these featuress from the Tech show “Get Connected”. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the video image titled Streamilfe – “Before N After”.

Technology can be a real blessing as long as you remain in control. Take advantage of the features it offers, and don’t forget who’s boss.

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