Office Organizing: Magazine holdersOften overlooked in offices, magazine holders are ideal for storing a variety of information in seconds.  For an uncluttered look in an open space, keep the taller side of the holder facing out.  You can see how much I rely on them in this picture of my office.  For easy access or behind closed doors, use them with the shorter side facing out so you can easily pluck out an item.  In both cases, label the exterior side for easy reference.

For more than just magazines or catalogues, consider using magazine holders for:

a) Odd-sized documents

Manuals for electronics and software can be kept together and out of sight in a magazine holder.

I’ve often seen piles of trade show material cluttering up offices as people wait for just the right time to review the material. Instead, use a magazine holder to corral all the flyers and brochures in one place. When you’re ready, you can conveniently take the material to a comfortable spot to read and sort it.

b) Stationery

Magazine holders are ideal to group paper office supplies. Use them to keep presentation folders, envelopes and paper pads easy to access and free from damage.

c) Project files

Magazine holders are the quickest way to group like pieces of information. They can be used to organize files and materials by project or client.

If you’ve got an interesting use for a magazine holder, please share!

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